Solomag's Stars....



As a breeder, I have been blessed to place my whippets into their forever homes, with some amazing people. I am proud to say that I have received a testimonial from each home that a Solomag Whippet has found. I invite you to browse below at some of the testimonials that I have been fortunate enough to receive. I am sincerely humbled by your opinions and I thank each and everyone of you for providing my dogs such an an amazing home....
"It's been about 5 months since I've adopted Dancer from Nichole. What can I say, she's a gem. I think adoption is a fabulous option for a first time dog owner such as myself. It was great because Dancer was already house trained, crate trained,and knew simple commands. She was leash trained which also meant walking her was easy. I didn't have to worry about a dog pulling me or being aggressive towards other dogs. What I found even more helpful was that because Dancer is an older dog, Nichole knew her temperament. This was critical for me as I'm a shift worker and needed to know that Dancer would be okay for a few hours on her own as Whippets can suffer from separation anxiety. 
Even if I wasn't a first time dog owner, I would enjoy adopting an older dog again. Being a nurse, and working shifts, I've seen how difficult it is on both the puppy and their human when it comes to house training and other basics. And, to iterate, Dancer is by no means old, she's only 4! 
I also liked the fact that I could adopt a dog without a tragic history. Initially, I had looked at rescue dogs but most of them required a lot of behaviour modification or at least, someone to be home majority of the time. That just wasn't feasible for me. Adoption for me was such a wonderful experience because I got to enjoy Dancer right from the start. Nichole trains her dogs beautifully and Dancer took no time at all to adjust to her new routine. 
If anyone is considering owning a Whippet from Nichole and the opportunity arises, I would definitely recommend adoption. I know that people love that puppy phase, but be honest, even at 12 years old, don't you still see your dog as a puppy
Vivienne - Pickering Ontario

"Dear Nicole , first and for most I would like to thank you for giving me and my family the opportunity of re-living another love story. Finding a breeder with the same type of life value that we impose ourselves year long , no vaccines , raw food everything based on a cleaner way of living was almost impossible for me in my area. Having Bella for only one week we were greatly surprised to see how fast she integrated with us . It did not take to long to understand she was brought up with a lot of love and care. This we will continue very easily for love is our way of expressing our appreciation . Thank you Again"

From the Landry’s family in Terrebonne, Quebec


"We brought our Sophie home about two weeks ago and are amazed at how well she has settled in. She is learning quickly, full of fun, very loving, eating well, sleeping through the night, and well on her way to being potty trained outdoors (is completely reliable indoors). As first-time dog owners, all of this came as a huge relief, and shock! But we don’t think it’s simply a matter of luck. Nichole gave our puppy the best possible start in life – she is that rare kind of breeder who is always thinking about the long-term wellbeing of her puppies. She keeps them with their mother longer than most, socializes them, provides excellent nutrition (raw meat diet), answers buyers’ questions with the patience of Job, and has proven to be a very intuitive puppy & family matchmaker. As a result, our Sophie is a healthy, happy member of our family and a joy to have around. Thank you Nichole!" 

D&E Leman, Toronto



"When I was looking for a breeder, I had a long list of questions and I was going to be picky. Nichole superseded my expectations. She was the breeder who responded to me initially the most quickly and impressed me with having me fill out a questionnaire, which would help her match the puppy to my family's needs & abilities. Initially I thought the family picks out their puppy but I like this method as it makes logical sense. Nichole does a temperament test with each of the puppies and gets to know their personalities so a match for both puppy and family is a success. And I loved receiving the updated pictures of the puppies. They grow so quickly! One of the many things I respect about Nichole is that she genuinely cares for each and every one of these whippets. Not all breeders are like this, as to many it's a way to make money and that's it, i.e., some breeders will give you the puppies at the tender age of 8 weeks when that is too young. I have a much better appreciation about this now. And I don't know where Nichole finds her patience with answering my myriad of questions. Nichole took the time to answer every question I asked and yet she still encouraged me to ask questions, even after I picked up our puppy. Nichole truly will go above and beyond to help! And yes we are so blessed to have Jada, our beautiful, intelligent, intuitive, funny, and very loving whippet daughter as our new family member. She is so sweet and fit into our family instantly!I cannot thank Nichole enough for Jada. I highly recommend Nichole to anyone interested in adopting a whippet from a truly genuine, knowledgeable, and caring breeder."

Lesley, proud mother of Jada



“I cannot imagine my life without Chase and the excellent experience I had with Nichole and Solomag Whippets. I was so relieved to find out that Chase was raw fed and I wouldn’t have to make that transition with him. Whenever I had a question or just wanted to tell Nichole how amazing Chase is, she is always available to help me with everything I have needed. I felt supported and armed with knowledge when it came to opting out of vaccines as well.


Chase is a beautiful little guy and a treat to have in our home. We constantly get comments from strangers on how handsome he is and how beautiful and shiny his coat is. I attribute this to raw feeding and allowing him to eat the food he was intended to eat.


It is obvious that Nichole cares deeply for every single puppy that leaves her home and it makes me confident that we made the right choice and I hope that she will allow me the pleasure to get another little bundle to love in the near future.

Arrlynn  Proud mom of Chase the Whippet”



"Working with Nichole  to bring Ripley into our family has been nothing but a positive experience.
We allowed the process of having Nichole pick us a pup from her litter,  that would best fit our needs
I have to say Ripp  has adapted so easily and without a doubt Nichole picked the right pup for us.
Nichole’s natural rearing & socialization methods are nothing short of AMAZING.  Nichole’s little  helper Cece helped  Ripley become
the  gentlemen that he around  children. I swear he hears little kid voices on the streets and is in search of where its coming from.
I can not say enough positive things regarding raising a dog on raw food and in a chemical free environment.  Ripps new vet commented on how amazingly soft & shinny his fur was.  The vet also stated that  his overall health/ immune system was “ stellar” Ripp was exposed to different canine diseases through continuing socilaization and exposure to new environments and because of his superior immune system his body was able to do what it is meant to do, develop antibodies thus creating immunity for life with little to no symptoms of illness - confirmed by titres done by our vet.
If anyone who is reading this testimony is leary or unsure about raising a puppy on raw food. Trust me when I say 1) is not that complicated 2) Nichole has a wealth of knowledge and has been an amazing support for me while learning
about it.  I asked A LOT of questions and not once did I feel I was asking too many.    So, thank you Nichole and I look forward to a second puppy one day down the road." - Kimberly & Francois - Ripp's Family
"I just wanted to take some time and thank you for matching Tia and myself up.
We are going into our second week now and Tia is an absolutely incredible Whippet. So smart, affectionate and so well behaved. Nichole you did an awesome job in training, socializing and developing her fantastic personally in the three years you spent together.
Although she looks for you, Cece and the gang from time to time we have bonded from day one Tia is my constant shadow when I'm home and in the yard.
I crated her when I wasn't home for the first few days, but now she has the run of the house and I'm totally confident things will be the same when I get home.
It's great to have a warm little Whippet cuddled up beside me again when I'm watching TV or reading a book.
I've continued with her raw food diet witch has been fun to research and very little effort to prepare for her.
The benefits are just unbelievable! Tia's coat is so soft, teeth so white no doggy breath and her stools so small there is very little to clean up. It just wakes you up to how much waste they but into top quality brand dry food for our pets.
Thank you once again Nichole for suggesting I take an adult dog into my life, Tia has been a perfect fit." Rick, Tia's family.

"We can't say enough how thrilled we are to have lovely Luna as part of our family. We were originally looking for a puppy but when we heard Nichole had a 3 year old female whippet available we reconsidered. The idea of having a dog socialized with Nichole's pack and being apart of her family through puppyhood was really appealing. We couldn't have made a better decision - Luna is a balanced, fun-loving and well-behaved member of our family! Nichole has been with us every step of the way, answering our many phone calls and emails and keeping touch to see how Luna has adjusted to our family. She was even kind enough to care for Luna when we went on a short vacation. I would highly recommend taking a young adult dog into your home from Solomag - we couldn't have asked for a better experience, and now can't imagine our life without our lovely Luna! Thanks Nichole!" Bobbi and Derek - Luna's family
"Working with Nichole has been an absolute pleasure. Beyond the obvious - raising the whippets virtually vaccine-free and naturally fed - she seems to have thought about and implemented every possible advantage a whippet could have. Her attention to detail is extraordinary. Aside from the incredibly high level of care and development in which she raises her whippets, from day one she has kept us updated and informed on every aspect of the puppy’s physical, emotional, and mental development. From regular physical care updates to personality profiles to the final puppy owner’s manual she provides to the new “parents”, she seems to have thought of everything that would enhance the puppy’s and their human-companion’s experience. I simply cannot say enough good things about her or our experience in general. - Rupert's (Moses) Family Toronto ONTARIO“
...We just got our sweet little Whippet girl Tessa! She is the most adorable, gentle and affectionate puppy anybody can imagine! From day one when we brought her home she carried herself very confident and relaxed yet surprisingly attached and affectionate to everyone in the house. We still can’t believe how fast and “painless” Tessa adjusted! She sleeps thru the night until morning in her crate ( there were just a few cries first night but no longer then 5-7 min. ) and understands the idea of going outside “ to bathroom". There is no doubt that she is amazingly smart and clever girl! Many thanks to Nichole (wonderful person and a passionate breeder ) for her dedicated work! During the process of getting our puppy we asked tons and tons of questions and always received detailed answers and information. Nichole regularly sent us updates about Emma’s ( Tessa’s mom ) pregnancy, puppies’ milestones and also lots and lots of puppies’ pictures!!! Now, that we have our sweet little girl , we receive the same caring support and always available advice from Nichole via e-mail or phone call. I would truly recommend “Solomag” as a best place to get a healthy, happy and well adjusted puppy...” -Tessa's Family Guelph ONTARIO
I can't say enough nice things about my experience. I like the fact that you truly care for all your dogs and made sure they were going to right homes, you were very helpful in teaching me about raw diets, always got back to me in a good time and of course picked the perfect puppy for my family and I. I also knew there was going to be no health issues with any of you puppies because of the time and care you put into them. So thank you again for making my family and I very happy we love Ivy so much! - Ivy's (Kleo) Family Tottenham ONTARIO
"Guinnie is doing great! I think she has officially settled in. She drives her big sister Tootie nuts, just as a little sister should. She plays like crazy and then passes out on her favourite spot on the couch. "- Gunnie's (Grace) Family London ONTARIO
"All is well and Santana is growing like crazy. She is eating well and the beef muscle seems to be her favourite. We have a great daily routine and it is great to have a dog back in the house again. I don't think that I realized how skinny she was until she went through the spindles of the oak railing and went down the hallway. Her size will get the better of her and it will only last another couple of weeks. Santana loves to curl up with the kids and has gotten along with all of our friend's and family's dogs that she has met. She is an excellent member of the family!" - Santana's Family Orillia ON
"She is doing great and I can't believe how much she has been a joy in our lives. She is extremely well behaved and a smart girl, she has already learned to only potty outside and knows some simple commands in just a week. She has settled in very well and has become a cheeky little girl, she likes to run around the home with something in her mouth, from toys to shoes to paper towel rolls. It brings so much happiness to know that Buddy and Viva have become such wonderful, bonded friends. They do great playing together and they play wrestle so well with one another. My cat loves to have Viva around too, he is mischievous and he runs up to Viva and jumps on her back playfully and then runs away. Viva then go's to chase him and then my cat turns around and chases her! It's always nice to see all 3 of them lying together on the couch enjoying one anothers company. I have got some many compliments on the beauty of Viva, and her unique markings. I can't believe how much she has grown in just one week and how well she has adjusted and become a huge part of our family." - Viva's Family Newmarket ONTARIO