In Remembrance...

Ch. Ludah's Crimson Solo

June 24 1996 - November 26 2011

Some dogs forever leave such a pawprint on our heart that no matter how long, or how many dogs come into our lives they are always right there...whispering.  Below is the tribute I wrote to my grand old man on the day of his death. It still brings me to tears even now , years later.




Today I faced one of the hardest decisions that I have had to make, and while it was necessary - it wasn't and never will be an easy one. To those are close to me and who knew Solo, and who will undoubtedly will off sincere words of comfort I thank you, to those who never had the privilege of knowing him but will undoubtedly send me words of sincere comfort I thank you.....and yes he was a "lovely dog".


Earlier this week, when I had to make this awful gut wrenching decision I asked myself what made him such a "lovely dog"??  was it his steady sweet disposition that never wavered, no matter how sick, how much pain, how uncomfortable he was - like the time he got himself wedged into the space between the car seat (to this day I don't know how he, secured, managed to get free and wedge himself) he stood there in pain with this unfailing dignity, quiet looking at me with those chocolate pool eyes almost saying to me "Don't worry mom, you will have me free soon, it's ok" or the numerous occasions when he was younger that his older sister Maggie (who was a spoilt diva and insanely jealous) would clamp down on his muzzle and lead him in whatever direction she felt that he need to be going to or away from in that moment. Or was it his unwavering loyalty or fierce protective nature, like the time when I was home alone and this "peculiar" couple appeared at my doorstep in the very early morning....after they had been insistently irritating suddenly high tailed it gone after a low but determined growl from my side.  Solo never growled, that was the only day in his 15.5 years that I had heard a growl from him. Or the few times while we were out walking when an aggressive dog would cross our path, without a beat this 30 pound guardian would step into the path and would use his body as a "shield" and nothing would be able to get between him and I.


Or was it his gentle teaching ability, for me as a shy awkward young teen with a love of books and who was learning how to show dogs.  Who no matter how hot, cold, busy, loud or miserable the day was ALWAYS had my back, made sure that I could count on him - let me make mistakes and let me share in small victories and no matter what curled up in my lap on the drive home and had a tail wag for me. I will never forget my very first Best of Breed Ribbon , it was of course with Solo I was 13.... we won over another accomplished male and a gentleman whom I am happy to now call my friend - looking back now I probably celebrated far to much for the win, and to Scott who lost with dignity and who let me have that moment with a sincere smile and congratulations I thank you so are truly a class act.


How about the unending strength that you had, battling back twice over your life for from illnesses that your vets considered a certain death.....Or perhaps it was the simple mornings that I awoke with my built in bed warmer , walks through the woods, or that last time that we went around that ring together - you a 10 year old veteran who adored the claps and cheers that were so deservedly given to you.... Regardless these small events, combined with numerous others over our 15.5 years together that showed me what a "lovely dog" truly was....


From the first time that I saw you, at 8 hours old after Lucy had taken me upstairs a very excited girl of 11 to see Bialy's newborn litter, I was drawn to you - I took it as a sign when you came back from the States at 5 months old, jumped in the van and settled down beside me that you were a great one in the making, and that I was going to be lucky enough to come along for the ride.


Thank you to my parents, for allowing my grand old man to spend his last year with me and his granddaughters, to Lucy for breeding such an amazing animal and then giving me so many wonderful opportunities with him and his descendants and to my husband for helping me do the right thing today...


I can barely see my keyboard for my tears as I finally acknowledge that an Era has indeed ended, and as I look forward to new Era's and greatness from your descendants I know that you were a gift, one that I will cherish always. You had many names: Solo Bolo, Grand old Man, Big Big, Pops and Bud but to me you will forever and always simply be friend. I love you so very much, run free and don't let Mags boss you around too much up there...



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