Happy Long Weekend!

My waiting, whining, and hoping finally paid off, Summer is here! Not a moment too soon in my opinion but welcomed with open arms!

Lots happening here. Dancer delivered four healthy puppies April 29th (the day before my wedding anniversary!) two girls and two boys. They are thriving under her loving care and watchful gaze. Tom, and I are excited to watch them grow and develop, and we have three wonderful families waiting to provide each one of them with a wonderful forever home later this summer. I am always so very fortunate to find such wonderful homes for my dogs. The next litter here at Solomag, will be born in 2017 (if mother nature decides to agree to plan of course)

I have started developing an information/reservation list for that upcoming litter and it once again thrills me that such wonderful homes inquire about providing a loving home for one of my whippets. My dogs are blessed indeed. As always, I love hearing from people!! Prospective homes or just whippet enthusiasts please feel free to email me at anytime, if you have questions or just want to chat. I can talk whippets for hours (just ask my friends!!)

Speaking of chatting for hours..... I had a very interesting conversation/debate with someone not to long ago about the importance of health testing (OFA, BAER, CERF etc.) and while I certainly respect others opinions and their decisions, to me health testing is ESSENTIAL for a breeder to do. Not just a veterinarian saying the dog is ok or healthy but ACTUAL health tests done by an accredited specialist (like OFA, BAER, CERF) to me, as breeders it is our responsibility to ensure that we breed healthy dogs, and while an issue can crop up through the years for even the most diligent. The ONLY way that breeders can assure themselves and their forever homes that the dogs they are breeding are the healthiest representatives of the breed possible is to have these tests done on all breeding stock. In my humble opinion of course, and I will now climb down off my soapbox and get on with other news! :)

We are also gearing up for Summer Show Season here. Our first show of the summer will be at Ontario County (Orono) and I am very excited to see friends and get back into the ring and have a great time with my dogs.

The next weekend is the Whippet Club Of Eastern Canada Specialty in Odessa (Kingston ON) an event for which I have been organizing and planning since August of last year. Specialty weekends are a fantastic time, with lots of whippets, exhibitors and vendors. Spectators are always welcome - I would love to see some familiar faces (both whippet and human) and would love to meet some new ones. Admission to these events are almost always free and there are catalogues available at the show. If you have ever considered attending I encourage you to visit the Whippet Club of Eastern Canada's Website and Facebook Page. Show Secretary Diana Edwards (www.dess.ca) for a schedule once the show has closed or email me and I would be happy to point you in the right direction.

Cece and I were out in the backyard yesterday morning (a daily occurrence) and I took some really fun shots of the dogs running and playing with her, the majority are on Facebook but I have added a few here too. I hope you enjoy them, and that you and your family continue to have a safe and happy long weekend with those you love, both two legged and four legged! (For those wondering, Tris was inside with Dad, the summer sunshine is not her favourite! )

See you this summer I am sure,


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