Happy New Year!

As we prepare to close out 2015 and welcome 2016 I must pause to reflect on all that has been accomplished here this year – both the highs and the lows…. The dawn of the new year saw me welcome Ramses first litter – Dancer welcomed 7 beautiful sons, and while the tragic loss of Lyric at 10 weeks was certainly a blow I am so pleased that the princelings have gown up to be such wonderful lovely boys. Epic is still at home with me and we had an awesome summer together ! In 8 days of showing we picked up 6 points towards his title . He is the ultimate show dog I absolutely LOVE being in the ring with him. Look for us this spring/summer as we come back out to play. Summer saw the second edition of the Whippet Club of Eastern Canada’s regional specialty held at beautiful Long Sault in conjunction with SD & G and the National Specialty. The show was a resounding success and I look so forward to the 2016 show this June in Kingston. WCEC was kind enough to nominate me as a director for the club – a position for which I humbly and graciously accepted. The clubs website looks awesome if I do say so myself and I encourage you to check it out if you haven’t already done so (see links page) I was fortunate this summer to not only spend time with some dear old friends, I also got to make some new ones!!  I am eagerly anticipating summer 2016 to meet up with these people again. Summer also saw the successful completion of another round of health testing (so important!) for Ramses and Piper. The results of that outcome were born Oct 11th (a great Thanksgiving indeed) 5 gorgeous girls and 1 very handsome boy. I am so looking forward to introducing Jewel (Solomag’s Crown Jewel) who lives here at home with me and Sadie (Solomag’s Crown N’Scepter) who lives with a great family in Toronto this summer and of course Rebel (Touchstone Prince of Thieves) who lives with his other mom Deb Wright (Touchstone Whippets) . The other three lovely ladies of this litter are very much loved and spoiled by their fantastic families – a fact for which I am grateful for everyday. I missed my American friends at Syracuse this year – with good reason. Ramses had a very important date with a lovely girl – I look so forward to see what “Summer” has in store for us this winter ;) The Holidays were a wonderful time, Cece grows leaps and bounds everyday and I adore watching her play with her “puppies”. To all of my friends and family, my extended “puppy” family and all those who read my blog throughout the year – I wish you the best 2016 ever!

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