Winter Wonderings

With the weather turning cold in both the morning and the evenings, I must sadly concede that summer is truly at an end. Which brings us to that best avoided topic in my house….winter. While this year I am very happy to welcome October and the arrival of Piper and Ramses sons and DAUGHTERS! No more all one gender litters please I thought I would take a few minutes to give my two cents as it were about a topic that I get asked quite frequently about (especially now with a colder weather litter due) “How Are Whippets for Housetraining In The Winter?” Well, after having whippets since I was 10 years old, raising a total of 23 puppies (to date) I have to say….Whippets are easier to train in the WINTER than in the SUMMER.

Now I realize that you think I am crazy and I fully admit I have a walkout into a fenced backyard BUT I think everyone would agree with me that whippets are NOT cold weather dogs, most (if not all) actually detest the weather and the snow. July rolls around and I am pretty much negotiating with my dogs to come inside (this usually occurs when I am heading to work) they adore the sunshine and have turned sunbathing into a competitive sport at my house. This never ever happens in the winter, with the exception of Dancer who loves to jump into snow banks all my whippets regardless of age go out and come right back in. Whippets (especially) puppies are creatures of habit – they eat or play vigorously and like clockwork within 30 minutes need to “go” (sometimes it doesn’t take quite that long). When the temperature outside is not whippet friendly they loose interest in the distractions around them and occupy themselves with the signals their body is sending them. The routine is established and picked up on very quickly that they “have to go” “outside” “go” “get praise and a treat” and “come inside to play again”.

Now is housetraining more inconvenient (for the person) in the winter yes for sure it can be – I make no bones about that at all, but if I am asked “How are whippets to housetrain in the winter” my answer is “Actually easier than in the summer – for the whippet.”

I have had this conversation with a few other breeder friends and they agree – whippets are more likely to get the routine quicker even though WE are not thrilled. Especially if there is another whippet around to “show them the ropes” as it were J

I hope this has given you some food for thought, I would love to hear if you also have found this to be true so feel free to comment or write me back on this one, especially if you have any tips and tricks you have used in addition to the treat method I have talked about above.

Wishing you a warm and wonderful weekend!


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