Summer in the Country!

Well Summer 2015 has certainly proven to be worth the wait!! June kicked off with Miss Tris scoring back to back Puppy Groups in the ultra competitive working group, waiting in the wings and playing in the baby puppy classes was Epic. He earned two Best Baby Puppy In Group wins in his only two shows as a Baby Puppy and then picked up his first four points including his major towards his Championship in just three days!!! Including a lovely BOS over specials win in his very first show. Limestone was a chance for me to catch up with old friends who I had not seen in a little while, the whippet ring was filled with laughter and joking and a truly wonderful time - so very nice to be a part of!!

I am excited to travel to TIKO with the babies as we continue to have fun together, before Tris takes a well deserved vacation while Epic, Ramses, Piper and Dancer play at the long anticipated Canadian Whippet National and Associated Specialties at the end of this month. Dancer was feeling a little homesick and is heading south of the border to compete at the North Central Whippet Specialty Aug 21 with longtime breeder and friend Kim Pritchard of Cariad Whippets. I am going to miss her on her mini vacation, but I am very pleased that she will be out having fun with Kim.

Both Piper and Dancer have decided to team up and torture poor Ramses - coming into season 3 days apart....father and son (Ramses and Epic) have been spending some quailty time together away from those mean girls. Ram adores his puppy and plays with him for hours teaching him invaluable male whippet life lessons like "How to patrol the perimeter fencing" "The importance of marking trees" "a how to guide involving "Great Grandma Ice and her bed : Getting your spot without getting told off" and perhaps most importantly "Perfecting the Stop and Long Range Survey of our Property Stare."

Speaking of Ramses and Puppies, I am thrilled to annouce a planned litter for Fall of 2015 between Ramses and Piper - this will combine some of the best international pedigrees, focusing on movement and type. A link to the future litter pedigree which includes a detailed analysis. This is my first time attempting such a cross, but I hope to follow in the footsteps of those before me who have had tremendous success with this type of cross. Stay tuned as always for updates and the latest developments.

We have a houseguest at the moment Epic's brother Nicky (now named Emoji or Mo for short) has come back for a visit while his family is out of town - the boys enjoy running amok in the backyard!!

In non dog news - Cece is going to be three on Thursday!! WHERE does time go!! As I bustle around getting ready for her birthday party - watching her run and play with her puppies who adore her I am reminded of what a great summer this is and how I am truly blessed indeed.

Looking forward to seeing many of you at the National this month!!

Stay safe and cool!!


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