Here We Go!!

I am so happy to see the beginning of June, for me it kicks off my summer and more importantly the start of my summer family fun season at the shows.

I would also like to wish little miss Tris a very happy 6 month birthday (June 5th) after the many accomplishments of her sisters Ellie and Chill (MBBPIS winners) we are very excited to debut her this coming weekend at Ontario County, and then later look for us at Kingston, Limestone and Chateugay (Specialty), and TIKO.

Baby Epic (aka Easy E!!) refuses to let his "big sister" have all the fun with "mom" and Cece this summer and will be having a blast in baby puppy classes before making his official debut this summer culminating at the "Whippet Weekend" at SD & G anchored by the Canadian Whippet National, with support from GLWC and WCEC Regional Specialties, Coursing and Agility. As show chair for the WCEC specialty - I can assure you that all clubs and their volunteers for this once every four years event are working dilligently to put together a spectacular event that you don't want to miss. I personally, just booked my hotel for the weekend in Cornwall - rooms are filling up so please considering attending and get your accommedations arranged before its too late!

As for the WCEC - I am once again blown away by the generosity of our sponsors an most sincere and humble thank you on behalf of all WCEC, we absouletly and unequivically could not do this without your support. For those who need mailing/shipping information I will be contacting you/ please contact me to make arrangements. We have some fantastic prizes lined up and cannot wait to start sharing them!

I am also very excited to be completed the construction of my new fencing here for the dogs, its been a long time in the works and I am so pleased with the result. A local company did a very reasonable and fantastic job and I would recommend Fenceworks in a heartbeat.

Our houseguest Fox (14 year old German Shephard) is also enjoying the country air - it is truly a wonderful sight seeing her motoring around (she suffers from DM) with Tris and the whippets happy and content and playful!!

I would also like to wish Kim LeBlanc, Tris' breeder a wonderful and safe fun filled trip at the World Dog Show in Italy. Take lots of pictures!! Hopefully we have a few to share of Tris' debut with you when you get back!!!





Family Affair.jpg


Take a look below at some of the photos taken, looking forward to seeing many of you reading this at a show soon.

Take Care


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