OFA Health Clinic


Today was the annual Eye and Cardiac Clinic in Colborne ON put on by the wonderful people involved with the Eastlake Cavalier Club. As someone who believes wholeheartdly in the imporatance and value of this health testing opportunity - I want to thank the Cavalier Club for another wonderfully run event.

As a breeder, I am very grateful for these clinics and the wonderful vounteers who make them possible.

Piper was certified normal for both eyes and heart which cleared her for breeding. Debbie and I are very excited for this upcoming litter of both European and American lines.

Rames was also recertified normal for both eye and heart - his prior certification was late 2013 so I am obviously pleased.

While no breeder can completely guarantee the future - ensuring that the dogs I breed are current on all health clearances in addition to temperament and type (other major contributions never to be overlooked) which then provides their future sons and daughters with the strongest genetic material I possibly can.

Please ask your breeders what health testing they do when looking at a puppy or young adult. Whippets like any breed CAN have problems - it is well within your right to inquire as to what family history is behind your companion.

Wishing you a great day!



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