And Then There Was One....


The weather has finally broken - thank goodness and the boys have been enjoying some time outside everyday. They have moved into their individual crates and are doing very well with crate/house training.

New fencing is being arranged as the winter destroyed my 8 year old existing fencing - I cannot wait until that is done and the dogs get the whole yard back again.

Many of you may know that the American Whippet National is currently happening in WI - I had plans to go this year but unfortunaltely life happened and we were unable to make it. I am so grateful to those there posting results daily - the photos are awesome and its nice to live vicariously through you!!

Hero found his forever family yesterday - a wonderful couple who will I am sure love him dearly he will stay here for a little while before becoming a Captial Citizen. Brother Nicky has a prospective family coming to meet him as well this weekend so hopefully there is more good news to share.

With the warm weather I am once again thiking of show season - I hope to make a big Splash with Epic now offically known as Solomag's Simply Spellbound and of course our sweet Tris Snowmist's Divergent Solomag - Tris wants to congraulate her sister Chill Snowmist's Desert Chill on her Best Baby Puppy In Show win this weekend. Way to go Chill!!!

Thank you for your patience with my lack of updates this spring - very unsual for me but I hope to post more regularly now. Please stayed tuned for updates on the WCEC Specialtly, Solomag News and 2015 Show Updates, from me and my good friends.

Take Care!


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