New Digs & A New Friend

My goodness, its been so long since I last updated!! Apologies - life got quite busy.

Lots of news and updates! The Pricelings have moved downstairs - they love their new digs, and enjoy watching the other dogs and the comings and goings of the house - they approve of my daughters choice of "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" in the mornings. They are eating solids now (ground) in addition to Dancer's milk. I am very pleased with their adaptabilty. We tried stacking for the first time yesterday - I have posted the photos on the puppy page in the gallery - overall I am quite happy they are quite consistent...and yes I do have favourites right now ;) I invite you to check out the pictures! In other news - We are thrilled to annouce a new addition to the Solomag Family.....


meet Tris, aka Snowmist's Divergent Solomag (pending CKC registration) Chris has wanted a Siberian for quite a while and we are thrilled that Kim Leblanc agreed that she would be a perfect fit! I look forward to getting my feet wet in the working ring this year....I am going to have an awesome summer!!

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