The Princeling Chronicles

The Princeling Chronicles - Day 8

Well the boys celebrated their one week old milestone yesterday!! They are doing fantastically well - all are well over a lb. now and they are really quite mobile. I am looking so forward to the eyes opening next. I have posted 3 video clips on Solomag's Facebook Page (you can also find the link via the Facebook icon at the bottom of the page) I will be posting more as they grow so please check them out when you have a moment. I am going to get more photos this evening after their ENS session.

Also, I want to mention that Dancer is doing very well - she is a fantastic mother - everything is so very easy for her and she is wonderful in allowing me to handle her puppies and to let Cece come in with me occassionally to see her (she adores Cece, always has) she is so very proud to show off her babies, I am truly lucky to have this wonderful whippet in my life. I can promise that her sons will learn her gentle nature and willingness to please before long. Yes, I have been asked so I thought I would make a general annoucement that there is still availbility within this litter both for conformation/performance and/or as well as wonderful pet companions - please contact me to discuss. Thank you to all who send your ongoing well wishes and who follow the Princelings and these blog posts.

Hoping you stay warm during this cold spell!


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