The Best Intentions....

What is that old saying about "paved with best intentions" I was so frustrated yesterday. As many of you know I have been building websites for friends to help them out. Yesterday, nothing i was working on was working and I was at the end of my rope with frustration. I wanted to say thank you to a small group of friends who really went out of their way to help me out and reassure me that the time and effort I was putting out was actually making a difference and was in fact well recieved.

I realize this is not normally the tone that you expect from me, my blogs are usually light and fun filled but yesterday was a bad day and I wanted to thank the people who made it better. Lucy, Ramona, and Debbie - ladies thank you I am sorry you had to listen to me vent about why this and that wasn't cutting it or working but I am so glad that I have you that I COULD vent to. You are three very special people that I am happy to call friends.

I promise I am back to my happy self again- and it looks like there was just a "time delay" on what I had time I will be a little more patient!!!


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