Exciting News....

Well we are back, settled and laundry is done! LOL.

We finished Syracuse with a BANG - my beloved Ramses went Winners Dog and Best Of Winners for his first American Points. Thank you very much to judge Rita Biddle Esq. It was a fantastic weekend away, in addition to a great show I got to spend some time with my wonderful husband- who is unfailingly supportive of my "hobby/passion"

I hope to welcome Ramses first litter in 2015, we will be heading back to the states next year in addition to selectively specialing here at home in the hopes of achieving his Canadian Grand Championship. Ram and I look forward to meeting old friends and making new ones this upcoming year.

Tara's litter is doing so well, they are 5 weeks now and beyond adorable. Cece and I went for a visit this weekend, trust me there is nothing cuter than a little girl with a litter of whippet puppies!!!

I am also very pleased to report that my nomination for Ontario Director of the National Whippet Club of Canada was accepted, thank you to everyone who supported my nomination and to my friend to intially nominated me - thank you. Your confidence is inspiring - if elected I promise to reward your faith in me. Speaking of specialties - I am happy to officially announce that WCEC will once again host an August Specialty in Eastern Ontario. Thank you to all who supported us last year, I look forward to seeing you again this year - please check back periodically for updates on both the regional and national specialties this August.

Last but not least ..... I am thrilled to offically announce that Ch. Touchstone's Just A Friend aka "Piper" bred and loved by my friend Debbie Wright, will be taking up permanant residence here at Solomag. Piper finished her title in 5 shows, going BOB over established specials, nabbing a Best Canadian Bred in Show and going Winners Bitch at the WCEC regional Specialty to finish...at just over a year old. She boasts a wonderful pedigree chalked full of some fantastic kennels/ dogs from Europe including the legendary Nevedith Kennel. She has very quickly become my daughter's best friend and has a phenomenal temperament. My sincere and heartfelt thanks to Debbie for sharing this very special little girl with me. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for Solomag!!!!

Stay tuned throughout this upcoming holiday season for one more special suprise......:)


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