Evening !

Tara's puppies will be a week old tomorrow and they are THRIVING many at or over a pound already :) Tara is the best mom, she ADORES her puppies. Thank you to Lucy for putting up with all my visits and pictures, how I have managed to not wear out my welcome I don't know but I am loving it!!

I hope to get back over and get new pictures soon. A special thank you to all the website traffic and specific interest in this litter - fortuante to have been contacted by wonderful families for sure. There is still limited availbilty please contact Lucy or myself with questions.

I am off to a show this Saturday, before attending a lovely dinner with friends and then my sister in law's baby shower. A good weekend if I could just get rid of this AWFUL cold/chest cough/ bronchitis etc.

Wishing everyone health and happiness today and always.


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