A Happy And Not So Happy Update...

Apologies for those of you who were expecting more updates, I recently started a new job and I am getting into a new routine again :)

A few things are new here since my last update. Some very good, some not so much. :(

In April Ramses went WD,BOW,BOB over specials after over a year away from the ring to finish in style. Last week I got his official title certificate in the mail. YAY! Now to set our sights south of the boarder.....:)

I was so eager for his first litter, pregnancy was confrimed but Mother Nature wasn't feeling very benevolent :( Both parents have been tested to address any potential problems - UTI was addressed and now both have clean bills of health. I even had a reproductive analysis done on Ram, he is VERY fertile with a STRONG libido. :) I will try again, and hope very much to have a litter on the ground by years end.

I have Dancer aiming for her last 2 points this summer - fingers and toes crossed :)

The WCEC Specialty and TIKO Premium List is out - this is shaping up to be a fantastic day, prizes are being made now and preliminary conversations have us getting a healthy entry. I recived the amazing roo leather lead from Komfort Krate for our raffle prize (half proceeds going to whippet rescue) it is STUNNING (see picture) and I cannot wait to see how popular it will be.

My sister took some very nice photos or Ramses and Rod at our local lake recently, we hope to get more photos soon.

I think that is all for now... take care.


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