As I watched my beloved Emma perform her morning diva routine..... Ensuring that all around paid appropriate obeisance to her and reinforced that everything from the doorknobs down was and will remain her property until she deems otherwise. I was reminded of the true queen and ultimate whippet diva. The one to whom Emma's antics would be an amusing amateur hour at best.......the one and only....Ludah's Maggie Is A Sweetheart.

Maggie, Moo Moo, Schmoo or simply HRH to us, her human servants. As I fondly remember Maggie on what would have been her 19th birthday I am struck not only with a warm feeling of nostalgia but also gratitude. On can argue that Maggie was the catalyst for my love affair for this breed and she is certainly responsible for my relationship with my best friend an mentor Lucy Hudson. What she lacked in the conformation ring she more then made up for in speed, love and loyalty. She will forever sit upon her throne in my heart - a true queen. Always.

I hope you are running free with Solo Mags. Happy Birthday xo.

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