WCEC Specialty

We are ever so slowly creeping closer to the much anticipated Whippet Club of Eastern Canada Regional Specialty August 16th in beautiful Brockville ON. The premium list should be out very soon, and I am hopeful that entries will reflect the interest, we have an international judge from New Zealand and a long time breeder as our sweepstakes judge.

When I set out determined to get a specialty East of Toronto (we haven't had one east of TO since the late 90's) I knew it would be a commitment but I was surprised by the support I received - specifically by two very wonderful ladies whom I am happy to call friends. This specialty would NOT be happening without this dedicated team of individuals who I am very pleased to be a part of! They aren't kidding when they say "it takes a village" and to everyone who has offered support, donated prizes, time and will be entering I sincerely thank you, you have made this all worthwhile!!


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