Solomag puppies are home raised, socialized, non/minimally vaccinated and reared on a species appropriate raw food diet. I raise them as healthy, well adjusted family pets first and foremost, obedience, show and performance dogs second.
Should you find yourself interested in a puppy (or perhaps an young adult/ mature dog as I occasionally have older dogs available) please be prepared to answer a questionnaire so that I may best assess your needs. As a responsible breeder my litters are carefully planned with the intention of helping to preserve the breed. I do health testing to ensure the dogs I breed are healthy individuals. I breed infrequently and am selective in the placement of my dogs, considering myself to be responsible for their well-being throughout their lives. My pet dogs are sold on a spay/ neuter agreement only. Preference is and will continue to be given to those who are willing to feed a species appropriate diet/ no(limited) vaccinations.
My goal is to work with like-minded people who understand that a dog is a lifetime commitment, and who want to provide a balanced well adjusted life for their pet based on socialization, proper veterinary care, mental stimulation and a good diet!
My process for the placement in a forever home for my whippets is as follows. The Adults are here at my home for the potential buyer to meet and I do require that all potential buyers come to my home to meet my dogs, the puppies and for me to meet you. Until the time that the puppy is ready to go to its forever home, when they are 13-15 weeks old rather than 8 weeks.( As my females may still nurse their puppies at 8 weeks) I will gladly provide updates as often as possible so that you can watch the progress of your puppy. I also do schedule a visit prior to the puppy being sent to its forever home. Also, I practice Early Neurological Stimulation
which has already shown them to be more healthy and stress resistant.
My puppies start accompanying me to handling/socialization class at around 10 weeks of age and continue until they leave for their forever home. I am always available to assist my dog owners and should you find yourself unable to care for the dog, he or she will be returned to the comfort and care of my home.
I invite you to browse through the testimonials that I have received  from the forever homes of my whippets !!!

Courtesy Listing For Whippet Rescue

Click Here for information and available whippets through Whippet Rescue Ontario.

Update: October 2020 

Currently, Solomag does not have litters planned throughout 2021 - thank you for your interest.





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Video of Emma's litter at birth.  Sincere thank you again to the incredible staff at Rice Lake Animal Hospital!  Video created and produced by .  Thank you everyone!!