Solomag's Empire Maker

 Sel. Can Ch. Solomag's Ramses The Great ex. Ludah's Empress At Solomag

DOB June 30 2016

Eyes - TBD 

Cardiac - TBD

Do you believe in fate?  I admit I do, even when it seems that fate has contrary plans to my hopes and dreams.  If you have spent much time around me, on this website, or any of my social media postings it is very obvious that Emma holds a very special place in my heart.  She was my first whippet that was truly "mine" My hopes and dreams for my double Jazz Fest granddaughter were limitless.  She taught me the true meaning of partnership with your dog.... when we were in the ring together we needed no words - she instinctively knew what it was I wanted, and I exactly where, how and when she was going to move, stand etc.  She adored the attention and loved the spotlight, moving was her favourite activity and she never wanted to stop.  Unfortunately, as many know she had to stop due to an unfortunate leg injury.  I retired her from active competition with the dreams of what might have been. She produced one great litter for me - but once again fate stepped in and I was unable to keep a daughter to continue her maternal line.  I contemplated another litter, but it seemed not to be.  She continues to live her life in grand splendor watching over each new generation with spunk and affection. Then this summer, fate decided that Emma wasn't quite done yet and on the 30th of June she whelped 4 lovely, healthy puppies and was rejuvenated in her role as a mother again.  From the moment that Maya arrived and I held her in my arms I knew that she must have been a gift from fate.  She reminds me so much of a young Emma with all her mother's best qualities and the devoted demeanor of her grandmother Ice.  She has formed an incredible bond with my daughter Cece, and I can see the same bond in them that Emma and I share.  Cece is very excited to debut in Juniors this year and without a shadow of a doubt her partner in crime will be Maya.  Look for these two very special girls this summer as I stand by full of pride and camera in hand.  


Sherman, Emma, Maya, Jewel and Ramses (out of frame Trixie and Ice)

Maya, the rare snow whippet!!