​Welcome to the Web Home of Solomag Whippets!


We are located in beautiful Quinte West Ontario Canada. Our residence is located on a wooded and landscaped acre with a large fenced exercise area for the dogs who spend their days inside resting or outside playing tag.


First a little back story, I've been involved in whippets for about 21 years in some form or another, my family acquired our first whippet "Maggie" (Ludah's Maggie Is A Sweetheart) who along with her half brother "Solo" (Ch. Ludah's Crimson Solo) in 1995 (Solo came in 1996). I fell in love with the breed thanks to these two and have become very passionate and dedicated to preserve the whippet in its original form stressing, size, type and temperament.  I am a member of the Canadian Kennel Club, National Whippet Club of Canada as well as The Whippet Club of Eastern Canada.


All of my dogs are socialized from a very young age with people and other dogs. My goal is to produce sound, healthy functional family pets that are just as at home chasing down a lure, competing in the show ring, excelling in obedience or agility as they are relaxing with you on the couch or playing a game of fetch with children. Below is a brief bio of Maggie and Solo (for whom Solomag is named) I hope that through my stories you will learn a little more about this WONDERFUL breed and why they hold such a special place in my heart.


When telling a story one usually finds its best to start at the beginning and for me the beginning is Maggie. Maggie was certainly one of a kind, her motto in life was truly "It's All about Me" and she made a habit out of reinforcing this belief to ANYONE and EVERYONE who came in contact with her royal highness. She, like many whippets suffered from separation anxiety and detested being alone. While still a puppy she chewed her way out of a Vari Kennel, would scale baby gates in a way that would make every the most adapt Mountain Goat jealous, steal and sometimes chew your best summer sandals and LOUDLY protest the second that she was not the center of attention. Maggie was also a fearsome competitor, when she did something it was certainly done to win. I can recall many summer days outside in our backyard with my sister playing "monkey in the middle" with my sister and Maggie. As my sister can attest many times we would find ourselves with a pint sized whippet hanging from our braids when she felt that the game was no longer in her favour!!!. Despite this competitve nature Mags was the most intuitive, empathic sweet dog I have ever had the pleasure of living with, and SMART. For her 11 years on this earth with us, she was the reigning queen and believe me she knew it!! As I mentioned, Mags suffered from separation anxiety so we decided that another whippet companion would hopefully ease her distress while left alone. Enter Solo, her half brother .


Solo has a temperament the polar opposite of his energetic sister, he supports the "hakuna Matata" life philosophy. At this time, after attending numerous shows as spectators my parents felt that the next whippet they got should be of show quality! This is where I was bitten with the bug and haven't looked back! My parents had some nice wins with Solo including a BOB win at a whippet Booster beating over 50 dogs including a BIS winner! Solo also sired a litter with Ch. Devionar Ulrica of Eldora and those puppies are found in some of the Solomag dogs today. Solo continues to enjoy his retirement with his poodle companion Lily and can be found most days with a blanket, sun bathing. My grand old man left us at 15.5 years this past November and not a day goes by where I don't miss him most dearly.



I would also like to take some time to thank the people who have influenced me, firstly my parents who put up with endless hours of me going on and not (not an exaggeration) about various pedigrees and dogs. They always taught me to follow my dreams and trust my instincts. Many people have told me that I have "a good eye" when it comes to dogs which I know is a gift passed down to me by my father. Still to this day I call him to seek his advice or his opinion on many different things least of which is my dogs.


To Dave and Lucy Hudson Ludah kennels. It is so rare in this world to find a great mentor, even rarer to find that those great mentors turn into great friends. My gratitude for the patience and opportunities that you have given me I am unable to fully express, first by letting me handle your dogs, to learn on them and then to Allow Emma to live with me and later her mother Ice, I am blessed to have these two lovely girls share my home and my life and I am greatful for that everyday.


To my wonderful husband Chris, I am so very lucky to have met you not everyone puts up with a "crazy dog lady" you keep me grounded and still encourage my dreams. The dogs love you and so do I.


To others that have provided support and guidance: Scott Dyson -Dragonsong whippets, Jenny McCartney Lorricbrook Kennels and Roberta Jaimeson- Lepus Sighthounds I thank you for your faith in my abilities.


Lastly, to my beloved dogs both past and present you have enriched my life fully. Without you there would be no Solomag.That pretty much sums up my back story, please enjoy your visit I am very proud of all of my dogs, who are first and foremost my beloved pets. They spend their days in my home on the couch napping with me, watching tv, and running around our almost 5 acre property. Anything that they accomplish in the show ring or on the lure coursing field is secondary to the fun we have at home. Any other questions feel free to contact me!


-  Nichole -